The Port of Buenos Aires in Argentina is about to receive a technological facelift with the help of blockchain technology in a bid to increase the speed and efficiency of the port’s processes.

The General Port Administration, a body reliant on the Ministry of Transportation, has launched a tender to upgrade its maritime logistics platform, according to a press release on Friday.
Known as e-PuertoBUE, the platform processes shipping lines, fleet maintenance and customs interactions among other tasks, and partly relies on physical paperwork.
Blockchain implementation will act as a “digital notary,” preventing alterations of information while conducting traceability methods and providing a secure framework.
Specifically, blockchain will assist in the documentation processes including shipping information, electronic consignment notes, the declaration of dangerous goods, among others.
Blockchain use for maritime processes isn’t new. Throughout 2020, multiple port operators and shipping companies began deploying the tech in a bid to increase transparency and speed up various functions along the supply chain.

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